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Mitel Applications Suite

A UCC solution that keeps cost down and drives up productivity.

Unified communications and collaboration (UCC) is a whole lot easier with Mitel® Applications Suite (MAS). It is a comprehensive, integrated solution that combines collaboration, mobility, and messaging into a single application.

Promoting User Agility and Collaboration

Despite being physically separated, users appreciate being able to find each other quickly and connect without delays and long wait times for return calls and emails. MAS brings users together from anywhere on any device at any time for spontaneous and planned meetings complete with document sharing and white boarding. It’s as if they were in a virtual meeting room!

Simplified Administration

MAS operates on a single management console providing administrators with one view of the entire application. In addition, it comes with user templates that simplify the addition of new users and applications, enabling you to complete all provisioning from a single interface. Management is via a web browser that can be accessed from anywhere.

Range of Deployment Options

Mitel offers many deployment options such as software only for deployment on an industry standard server, a virtual appliance for deployment in virtualized environments, and software pre-integrated on a business-class, rack-mounted server to fit within your IT strategy today and seamlessly evolve with it in the future.

Deploys in Virtualized Environments

Deploy MAS in a virtual environment where it runs on industry standard servers alongside other business applications in a VMware® vSphere™ environment. Furthermore, virtualization lets you manage VMware Center™ management tools for productivity improvements and resource efficiencies in data center management and risk mitigation, with a single business continuity and disaster recovery plan across all of your business applications, including UCC.