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UC360 Collaboration Point

Make multimedia collaboration a natural part of your work day

Imagine being able to engage in rich, productive, multimedia collaboration with co-workers, partners, customers,and others as easily as making a phone call. With Mitel UC360™ Collaboration Point, you can do just that.

Mitel UC360 Collaboration Point is a first-of-its-kind device for the personal office meeting space. Created in response to customer requests for an easier, more cost-effective way to foster collaboration, it is a single device that combines in-room presentation display and multi-party audio and visual collaboration for remote participants. Compact, easy to deploy, touchscreen, simple to use, UC360 gives customers what they’ve told us they need to turn collaboration from a special event into a natural part of every work day.

Easier, more spontaneous collaboration

With UC360, collaboration is simpler and more spontaneous than with traditional shared-space meeting facilities. There’s no need to compete for busy meeting rooms, because multi-party collaboration, planned or spontaneous, can happen right in the personal workspace. UC360’s accessibility and ease of use make for eager adoption that translates into shorter, more frequent, and spontaneous collaborations that get things done without disrupting the daily workflow. It’s easy to escalate a phone call into a multimedia session that lets team members explain concepts, answer questions, share ideas, and achieve quick consensus on how to reach shared goals. It delivers the kind of collaboration capabilities that customers tell us will help them work more productively.

Simplified meetings and presentations

Customers also tell us they want meeting and presentation tools to be simpler and more intuitive, and we’ve addressed that with Mitel UC360 Collaboration Point as well. With UC360, starting multi-party, multimedia collaboration is as simple as making a phone call. Use the UC360 touchscreen to select collaborators from the corporate directory and connect with them. To begin a presentation, just link to a desktop, insert a memory stick or card, or access Dropbox or Google® Docs™ in the cloud. With UC360 you don’t lose time to administration at the beginning of conference calls and presentations. And there’s virtually no learning curve – the intuitive display makes it easy for even a novice to connect, present, and share with others inside or outside the organization. If information is confidential, simply touch the “wipe” icon when you’re done and the sensitive material is gone from your UC360 appliance.

Easy deployment, use, and support

Mitel UC360 Collaboration Point meets customer demands for simplicity when it comes to deployment and use. Deploying UC360 is as simple as plugging in a telephone. Its intuitive interface and seven-inch, high-resolution touchscreen color display make for a near-zero learning curve and easy operation by even occasional users. IT support requirements are minimal.

Multimedia collaboration for the personal office meeting space

Designed to bring multimedia collaboration to the personal office meeting space, UC360 provides in-room presentation display that’s simply not available on even more expensive conference phones. It’s ideal in offices and other shared spaces that you wouldn’t normally equip with collaboration capabilities.

Superior audio and display quality

High-definition, four-party audio provides a superior sound experience. A 16-microphone array uses patented beamforming technology to deliver crisp voice quality, 360-degree sound pickup, and advanced audio processing that makes conference calls feel like in-room experiences. UC360’s built-in presentation display features an HDMI interface that supports connection to high-definition LCD displays, standard projectors, and pico projectors.

Open, standards -based multimedia

The UC360 built-in four-party video bridge capability allows for enhanced visual collaboration with documents and presentation materials that are available to remote participants. Its open, SIP-compatible, standards-based technology fits seamlessly into existing infrastructures, including Mitel and other PBX deployments, video solutions, and computing environments. UC360 accommodates multiple file transfer methods, including cloud access, USB Flash Drive, Micro SD card, and linking to a remote desktop.

Enhanced productivity and innovation

UC360 makes it easier to engage in the kind of productive collaboration that customers tell us drives innovation. Spend less time scheduling, setting up, and managing collaboration sessions and more time actually collaborating. Initiate and conduct meetings on the fly. Share documents and presentations for ad hoc brainstorming and training sessions. Build stronger, more productive, more profitable relationships with employees, customers, partners, and suppliers. Manage teams in widely dispersed locations informally and easily, developing stronger, more productive working relationships.

Cost savings

UC360 meets customer demands for savings with a solution that costs a fraction of the price of traditional meeting room multimedia solutions. Multimedia collaboration becomes available for even smaller organizations that don’t have the budgets for more expensive, shared-space collaboration systems. Out-of-thebox operability with existing infrastructures, and intuitive usability, means little or no expense for training and support. And improved everyday collaboration reduces the need to travel, cutting airfare, accommodation, and other expenses and reducing lost productivity when employees are out of the office.

Integration with Mitel Unified Communications and Collaboration Solutions

When integrated with Mitel Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) Solutions, UC360 also supports user dialing into audio conference calls on Mitel communications platforms and on the desktop collaboration application Mitel Collaboration Advanced (MCA). You can include UC360 in Mitel Personal Ring Groups, and seamlessly manage UC360 with the award-winning unified communications application Mitel Unified Communicator® Advanced (UCA), so that calls reach you based on your presence and availability. With Mitel UC360 Collaboration Point, spontaneous and productive multimedia collaboration becomes a normal part of the work day, increasing productivity and driving innovation across the organization. For additional technical specifications, please refer to the Mitel UC360 Collaboration Point Data Sheet, available on