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Unified Communicator Advanced

Revolutionize How You Communicate and Collaborate with Colleagues, Customers , and Business Partners.

Mitel® Unified Communicator® Advanced (UCA) provides a single access point for all your business communication and collaboration needs. It gives you unprecedented control over your communications and allows real-time access to everyone in the organization regardless of location, with rich presence information that makes every phone call or instant message (IM) count.

UCA is a core component of the Mitel Applications Suite (MAS). MAS is a comprehensive, integrated solution that unifies business critical applications, promotes user agility and collaboration, and simplifies and streamlines administration.

Increase Workday Efficiency

With UCA, you are accessible and able to respond immediately to the needs of others through real-time communication methods. Contact information can be launched from caller ID screen-pops, while secure chat and web and video collaboration sessions can be initiated with a single click. By integrating widely-used PC applications with a single access point for all communications and collaboration needs, you can improve the speed and efficiency of your employees, while also maximizing the value of your technology investments.

Improve customer responsiveness

Employees that deal with your customers are the face of your company. Their ability to process requests and queries as quickly and completely as possible reflects on the whole organization. With UCA, frontline staff can easily check the presence and availability of a subject-matter expert, and contact that person in the most effective way. Collaboration tools can be used to quickly establish a conference call or a web conference, including the ability to share documents quickly and securely, resulting in a quick resolution to your customer’s inquiry.

Simplify mobility

The complexities of many mobile technologies too often present a bigger barrier than the problems they’re meant to solve. Going mobile with UCA is simple and you get a solution that moves with you from moment to moment to ensure that you’re in touch with the latest decisions and can react instantly – regardless of your location.

Reduce costs across the board

Everything you spend doing business comes off your profit margin. Hosted services, employee travel, facilities expenses, and long-distance communications charges add up. User communities involved in regular conference calls or meetings can benefit from Mitel Collaboration Advanced (MCA), fully integrated with UCA, so that any phone call can become an audio or web conference with the click of a mouse. This easy-to-use option eliminates the need to pay for hosted external conferencing services.

Broaden your communication choices

UCA enables smarter communication with your colleagues, customers, and business partners. With UCA, you can choose the best method of communication before you even initiate contact, thereby improving the efficiency of your interactions with others. UCA incorporates voice communications, conferencing, and collaboration capabilities into popular business applications so you can further enhance your productivity with click-to-call from personal information managers (PIMs), Microsoft® Internet Explorer®, Apple® Safari®, and Microsoft Office.

Stay connected, wherever you are

Using a simple interface in UCA, you set up Personal Ring Groups and decide how your calls are routed with Dynamic Extension, including any preferential treatment for certain callers. You can use your mobile phone, residential set, or any phone to make and receive calls as if you were at your desk, so you are always within reach. You can use a mobile device or a web site to access the UCA Web Portal to edit Dynamic Status, edit the Dynamic Extension number, and check corporate contact details, presence information, and voice mail message details. Wherever you are, you have access to the entire organization and its toolset. UCA also provides the ability to dial through your PBX, from wherever you are, using our OfficeLink feature.


Save time when contacting people by knowing whether they are on the phone, away from their desk, or available for a video call, instant chat, or collaboration. Easily manage your presence status with Dynamic Status and specify IM, presence, and call routing options with a single status. Your status can be changed from within the UCA client, remotely from the Web or your mobile device, or automatically updated based on the user’s Microsoft Outlook® or IBM® Lotus Notes® calendar information.

Take a look at the Mitel Unified Communicator Advanced Interactive Guide in order to see an animated presentation of this product