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Unified Communicator Mobile

Extending the Boundaries of Your Company’s Voice Communications

Mitel® delivers total mobility by keeping mobile workers connected to the business no matter where they are or what communications device they are using. With Mitel Mobility Solutions, your business can reduce the cost of calling on cellular carrier networks while improving productivity and enhancing customer service. Mitel Unified Communicator® (UC) Mobile (formerly Mitel Mobile Extension) empowers users with a single phone number and a single voice mailbox while providing them with access to the business communications features they need – anywhere, anytime.

With UC Mobile, you can twin your extension with your mobile device, your home phone or just about any other telephone number. An incoming call will simultaneously ring both your extension and the twinned device. The device that you use to answer the call establishes a voice path and the other device will cease to ring. UC Mobile extends a range of common PBX features to the selected twinned device and provides a truly integrated mobile and desktop experience by enabling seamlessly switching communications from one device to another.

UC Mobile Client

Two UC Mobile Client applications are available: one compatible with the Symbian OS™ (S60) and another compatible with the Windows Mobile® OS. The UC Mobile Client integrates with the mobile device’s nativeuser interface, phone book, call log etc. UC Mobile adds support for PBX integration on mobile-originated calls. Calls made from a mobile device with the UC Mobile Client installed will be supported in much the same fashion as incoming calls are today,namely, PBX CLID on mobile-originated calls, in-call PBX feature access, single voicemail box and single-button seamless handover to a desk phone.

OfficeLink – Remote PBX Dialing

With the UC Mobile Client, the mobile device essentially becomes a PBX extension; the mobile worker places calls as if he was calling on his desk phone, for example 4 – 5 digit dialing on internal calls.

OfficeLink reduces off-net calling charges and delivers the worker’s enterprise CLID to the called party. This functionality is useful for disaster recovery scenarios where employees are unable to work in their normal office location or for employees working remotely from home or a hotel room.

Numbers programmed into a ‘bypass’ list are placed as standard mobile phone calls. You can, for example, take advantage of service plans that offer no-charge calling between a preset group of users. Emergency numbers,such as 911, are automatically bypassed to ensure the user’s cellular network determined location is reported.

This capability is also available via the web GUI. Simply specify the number you wish to call as well as your local device number. UC Mobile places a call to the local device and once answered, places the outbound call and then links the two calls together.

Improve Productivity and Customer Service

Having your extension as the focal point for all your voice communication needs means that you can always be reachable, avoid missing calls, and gain productivity by spending less time playing telephone tag and chasing down voicemail messages. On the other hand having access to commonly used PBX features like three-party conference, split, swap, hold and transfer enable effective working while awayf rom your desk.

Easy Call Handoff – Cellular to Desktop Phone

Seamlessly handover calls accepted on cellular phones or placed by the UC Mobile Client to a desktop phone by pressing a button on the desktop phone. Hot desk users can go to any desktop phone on the network and transfer the call.

Enabling Cellular Long Distance Savings

UC Mobile can considerably cut costs. Significant cellular long distance cost savings are possible when calls placed from a mobile device are processed as calls outbound from the office communication system.

Remote User Admin

Simple management of twinning (on / off), twinned number (selectable from a list), answer confirmation(on / off), OfficeLink (on / off) and scheduling (time-of-day and day-of-week scheduling) of twinning from the UC Mobile Client or web GUI.

Secure User Authentication

Only authenticated users have access to remote PBX calling and management.

Over-the-Air Provisioning and Deployment

Over-the-air deployment and synchronization.