Premise-Based Telecommunications Solutions

You have a single-site location or a legacy phone system, so an updated premise-based telecommunications system is your most basic solution. Maintain in-house ownership of your entire system and whatever data it produces.

A solution designed for the hotel industry

Hosted phone systems require very stable Internet, if you’re in a location that does not have that stability then a Premise Based phone system might be right for you.

A large single site office with hundreds of phones and a lesser requirement for advanced features would likely benefit from the cost efficiencies of having their own on-premise system.

Many Hotel applications are better suited to a Premise Based phone system, with full PMS integration and better support for analog guest room phones.

Want to keep using the analogue phones in your guest rooms? Or make the upgrade to IP phones? With our support, you can do either. With the Mitel MiVoice Business Enterprise Controller, we are helping hotel industry leaders like Marriott, Delta, and Holiday Inn to get the maximum value from their legacy systems. Through our partnership with Mitel, we can equip you with a solution that’s robust, redundant, supports VM Ware, and seamlessly integrates with most PMS systems.

Upgrade or update.
The choice is yours.

Flexibility is our guarantee. If you have older Mitel equipment that you want to upgrade, we can do that in phases that won’t disturb your operations. Or, if you’re looking to totally update your system with Mitel’s flagship solution, the MiVoice Business Enterprise Controller, we can take care of that. Finally, select from our vast catalogue of analogue and IP phones to upgrade your hotel rooms. .

Other Benefits

Premise based systems can also provide phantom extensions with non-associated mailboxes for remote workers with mobile phones only, without a monthly cost, and digital phones where wiring for IP phones could be an issue. WIFI phones can also be an option with our hosted solutions.

Comtel can provide an unbiased assessment of what system would be the right solution for your company, whether it’s Premise based or Hosted, we have the best solutions and support.

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