Who We Are

Right across the country, small to medium size businesses are supported by Comtel’s premise based or Hosted telecommunications solutions. We learn what your most cost-effective, functional, and reliable solution is and build it from the ground up, end to end.


When you work with us, you’re not missing a single piece of the telecommunications puzzle. From system design, to local lines, to hardware, to network access from the leading suppliers at competitive rates, to back-end support, we have you covered.


We are experts in both cloud-based hosted solutions as well as premise-based systems. That means we can help you to choose the most cost-effective, functional, and reliable solution for your company. Plus, our wholesale contracts with every major supplier means you’re truly accessing the best possible rates for your network needs.

Dedicated to Telecom
Since 1988

The telecommunications industry has seen an explosion of cloud-based telecommunications providers. To ensure your company can operate without interruption, you need the dedicated technicians and robust back-end support we can provide.

We’ve been supporting businesses like yours for over thirty years. We understand that exceptional telecommunications service means keeping an eye on the future. We will always create systems that allow your company to continue evolving and enhancing productivity.

Long-Term Vision

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Let’s talk about what you need to set up or update your company’s telecommunications system. Whatever it is, we can help.