Virtual Network Operator (VNO)

Comtel is a provider of Cloud based Hosted Solutions, Managed telecom services and a reseller of Internet and Local line services from various telecommunications suppliers. This would classify Comtel as a Virtual Network Operator VNO, providing the services to our customers without owning the underlying network.

This allows us to maximize the efficiencies of several Telco suppliers that Comtel has partnered with, such as Bell Canada, Telus and Shaw Communications.

This concept is extremely favorable to our customers as we can customize the solution based on location, requirements and cost, thereby delivering a more flexible solution often utilizing several of our suppliers for one application.

A fully virtual VNO does not have technical facilities or technical support; whereas Comtel has the technical staff to take on the initial troubleshooting and potentially deal with the problem without having to contact the underlying supplier.  Should we need to contact the underlying supplier, Comtel is placed as a priority due to the amount of business that we provide to our suppliers. This expedited service is then passed on to our valued customers who would benefit from this, as opposed to dealing directly with the underlying supplier for one component of the overall telecom solution.

A More Flexible Solution

As a VNO, we are also able to provide redundant solutions using two or more providers and bundling or bonding completely different technologies for both internet access and local lines.  Combine this flexibility with the value- added service of included lifetime labour support and programming changes, which Comtel provides on our bundled telecom services, and you have a telecom solution unmatched in the industry.

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