Internet Access

We can provide you with the technology for whichever type of Internet access best suits your requirements.

Bundle your Hosted Cloud Solution or Premise Based Solution with Comtel provided Internet access, allowing for a one-stop service solution.

Comtel can provide and bundle options from various suppliers for redundancy, so you can benefit from a variety of solutions with one phone call for support and updates from a company that has your best interest in mind.

Pure Fibre…

Powdered by Telus, Supported by Comtel

An optical fibre is made of flexible glass or plastic and effectively moves energy from one end of the fibre to the other. Each fibre is only as wide as a human hair but contains much more data than an electrical cable and when two fibres run alongside each other, there’s no chance of crosstalk between the signals and they never pickup stray environmental noise. Unrestricted full Sequential bandwidth is available with our Fibre solutions.

Cable Internet

This is a form of broadband Internet access that uses the cable television infrastructure.  Like ADSL and Fibre services, cable internet access provides network edge connectivity from the Internet service provider to the business. It is integrated into the cable television infrastructure, similiarly to ADSL, which uses the existing telephone network.  Cable TV networks and telecommunications networks were the two predominant forms of Internet access, until the emergence of reasonably price Fibre service.

Cable Internet can provide higher speeds than ADSL but not the sequential upload speed that Fibre provides.


Your computers can be connected to the internet through an ADSL broadband service sharing a phone line. This is effective and available in most locations. However, because the telephone lines were never designed to carry such high signals, ADSL is distance sensitive. The farther away from the switching center the computer is, the weaker the signal and thus the lower the data rate. Thus, while ADSL can be a reasonable choice for smaller businesses, it is less effective in larger companies where there is a significant quantity of computers.

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