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Local Line Services

Analog Phone Lines

Also referred to as POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service), analog phone lines are the reliable, traditional sort everyone is familiar with. They don’t require any fancy technology to install, so analog is the most cost-effective if you only need a few lines (such as six or less). As a result, they’re the most common line for homes or small offices, used for your standard phones, fax machines, and modems.

Digital/PRI Phone Lines

Digital/PRI lines are high tech. The binary pulse they transmit knows what it should be when it reaches its destination so it can correct any errors that happened while being sent. This results in clarity of sound and virtually no distortions. Furthermore, much more data can be crammed into a digital than an analog signal: the maximum speed is 1.544 Megabits per second instead of 56 kilobits – an improvement of almost 30 times!

Digital lines require the installation of an expensive T1/PRI, a “pipe.” However, as numerous lines, up to 23, can be run through the same pipe, digital/PRI lines become less comparatively costly the more lines you have; it’s generally less pricey to have a PRI with 15 lines or more than a 15+ analog multiline. Thus, digital phone lines are generally used by larger corporate systems (often 25+ employees) while homes and small businesses find analog lines more cost-effective.

SIP Phone Lines

Ultimately, if a company wishes to make full use of its telecom resources, then a SIP line is the best option for connecting to the PSTN. Instead of relying upon bundles of physical wires, this system connects to an online trunking service provider.  Now becoming cost-effective for smaller businesses, SIP trunks can provide significant cost savings for large enterprises by removing the need for local gateways or costly pipes.

SIP trunking has been used by large enterprises for more than a decade and the increase of cheap bandwidth and quality hardware means that many SIP trunks in Canada rival the reliability of the PSTN network. Additionally, with SIP trunks, you’re not restricted by your own area code. Though your company may be based in Vancouver, if you do a lot of business with Torontonians, you can pick a Toronto area code so that your calls to and from Toronto will be local with no long distance charges.


Pacific Land Group
Throughout the many years (twelve, maybe more?) that we have done business with Comtel Integrated Technologies Inc, your service and expertise have been exceptional. Your equipment recommendations have always been on target—simple, practical, with advanced enough technology to meet future needs. Not only were you able to meet all of our criteria, but you also kept the cost within our budget. Installation was quick, on schedule and without interruption to running our business. All of these attributes would be reason enough to recommend you to anyone contemplating doing any business with Comtel.

Oleg Verbenkov

Premium Brands Holdings Corporation
“Comtel has been great to work with right from the start of the installation of our three Mitel/Inter-Tel phone systems.  We have always been able to rely on the technical staff to solve every challenge that has come up. Overall, the team at Comtel is well equipped to provide excellent customer care.”

Arnold Toews, Purchasing Manager

World Journal
I wanted to write to you and Comtel to thank you for the wonderful telephone system that you sold us. I also wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the outstanding service that you provided my company over the years.

Jerry Hsu

Hasson & Wong
I wanted to thank the team at Comtel for ensuring our transition to our new phone system went smoothly.  This is the second phone system we have had installed by Comtel and they continue to be a great company to work with.  Comtel has always been there when we needed them and have gone out of their way to ensure our needs are met quickly and efficiently.   Thank you again for the great service.


TimberWest Forest Corp.
“I wanted to thank you for the unsurpassed service, support, and products Comtel provides TimberWest. Your phone system is excellent. Anytime we needed a change to services or a convoluted configuration adjustment, you responded promptly and professionally. Because of your flexibility and expertise, our phone systems are running smoothly and without interruption.”

Grant Eldridge, Senior Systems Administrator

The BC SPCA has worked with Comtel since 2005 when we desperately needed a new phone system for our Provincial Office.  Our experience with Comtel led us to order fourteen more phone systems for our locations across BC.  Comtel has ably interconnected our various locations and provided a convenient single point of contact for our telephone needs.

Rebecca Edwards, Manager,  Information Technology